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Name of an often very (yet subtly so) intelligent girl. The one you can't quite figure out until it's too late - either she suddenly will surpass and dump your dumb non-developing ass or, if she has found potential in you, might gently yet with conviction help you grow and heal to your full capabilities.
Are often found working in humanitarian or medical areas, many times as a volunteer, trustworthy doctor or researcher.
Oh you all, I am so happy and relieved. The hospital finally allowed me be a patient of Dr. Nidi, I now have no doubt or worries about my future, come what may - with Dr. Nidi I feel safe.
by ImbaLol December 16, 2015
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A vagina or also a code to all of those true Nidi's
Damn that nidi was wet last night, i could fit my whole fist in that nidi
by slicksteve January 04, 2010
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