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gorgeous eyes! Warm personality, fun to be around. very loyal and beautiful!!
Nicoline is so beautiful, she makes your heart skip a beat!
by everybodyelse December 23, 2008
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A nicoline is beautiful, inside and out. She dont know how beautiful she truly are. She is the moon, the sun and all of the stars all at ones. Her laugh can make everybody feel good, and laugh too. Her smile is the most precious, beautiful thing you will ever see in your entire life! A nicoline is kind and good, but of course she can have bad days to. She will deny that she is pretty, smart, funny, the sweetest, but everybody knows that she are all of those things. A dreamer she is, and the most nicoliner is not good at most sport, but everything else, they are beyond good at! A nicoline is good. A nicoline loves her friends, but only the friends that she knows that loves and support her. She can be sad, mad, happy, curious and all of the feelings. A nicoline has a really really good booty, and all the boys knows that too. She is every boys dream girl, and all of the girls idol. She mystery and sexy ladie, all at ones.
a nicoline is beautiful.
See! over there!
there! the girl with the beautiful smile and laugh, and the long hair, and the beautiful eyes.
thats definitely a nicoline, and my dream girl!
mine to!
by nina hadid September 30, 2016
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