Singer of the British group Girls Aloud. Known as "Ginger" has an amazing voice and is a great dancer. After struggle with bad press for years, stood up as a proud girl with pale skin and not only created her own make-up range but became a "fashionista" because of her way to combine make up, cloth and actitud.
When "interviewer" was bothering her with unkind questions Nicola Roberts replied:

"I don't speak to cunts"

You tell'em Nic!
by YopYopp February 2, 2011
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British singer in girl group Girls Aloud. Known as the ugly one, or the ginger one. She's not truly ugly (in my humble opinion), but next to the others, she looks unattractive.
Do You like Girls Aloud

Yeah, but Nicola Roberts shouldn't have dyed her hair to be blonder.
by iheartumuch December 16, 2007
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