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A character with extraordinary powers of perception and observation. Noticing everything within their reach, and manipulating it to suit their needs is idiomatic with a Nick Leverton.

A Nick Leverton is liked by many, but loved by very few. His powers allow him to alter the opinions of many people, and is gifted in the field of academia.

Nick Levertons very rarely reveal whom they truly are to people, often distorting their character, out of shyness/anxiety/compulsion to fit in. However what truly lies behind the smokescreen of his false behaviour is truly noticed by very few.

The linguistic properties of a Nick Leverton are diverse, as he is particularly gifted linguistically, phrases idiomatic with Nick Levertons include:
-Cracking Stuff
-Borderline Mediocre
-Jolly Good
-Well technically..

A Nick Leverton has a notable knowledge of all things related to modern music, and his extensive knowledge can often baffle and amaze those with no expertise in the discipline.

When joined by a Tom, particularly a Tom Galligan, a Nick Leverton's behaviour changes vastly, and the Nick Leverton in question can sometimes behave as themselves, comfortable with their company, although only on rare occasions.

Similiar to a Tom Galligan in many ways, some by chance, some by the vast amount of time that can easily be spent in eachother's company, can cause both characters' personalities to merge. As certain socialogical theories will affirm.
Student 1: Hey, how do you prove that if air resistance is ignored, the height h of a projectile above the ground after t seconds is given by

H(t) = - (1 / 2) g t 2 + Vo t + Ho

where g is the acceleration due to gravity which on earth is approximately equal to 32 feet / s 2, Vo is the initial velocity (when t = 0 ) and Ho is the initial height (when t = 0).

If an object is dropped, the distance traveled by this object is given by

H(t) = (1 / 2) g t 2

For a quadratic function of the form

H(t) = a t 2 + b t + c

and with a negative, the maximum of H occur at t = - b / 2a (vertex of the graph of H).

Student 2: I don't know, ask Nick Leverton.
by Hashabeamama August 19, 2011
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