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A small black child who looks slighty like Gary Coleman at any age who likes to stare at a girl named Doughty and has fantasies about her. This boy can not achieve a full erection and therefore can not reproduce, therefore not being able to live up to his dream of being one of Bebe's kids, and he will live his life only ever pleasing himself with a pair of tweesers and a cotton swab.
I sure am happy that I am not fugly and gay like Nick Davis and I can have kids that will eventually grow up and whoop his colored ass. And California is gay becuase that is Where Nick "D-cup" Davis is from, which clearly makes Texas the best state. For all of you who think Texas sucks, well it would be best to inform you that the only thing Texas sucks at is the tit of awesomeness.
by J Beezie May 15, 2006
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