Only the greatest of waters, this miracle brought upon mankind is of the highest quality. This absolutely fantastic kind of water can ONLY be found at a store brand know as Wallgreens. This water keeps life and sanity inside those who drink it. It can also be to carry out Nice Abuse.
Man, I'm really thirsty. I'll just have some Nice Water!
by Noic3 June 14, 2018
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An attractive woman, a babe, a total package.
I couldn't keep my eyes off the receptionist-- red haired, friendly, and built, she was a nice drink of water in an otherwise drab environment.
by medullacortex January 8, 2014
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h2o that is fortified with drugs, most commonly a drug known as Molly.
"Hey do you want some nice water?" Says Jeff. "Ice water?" Jenna replies. Jeff happily responds, " No nice water 😉"
by DreyfusIsAfterYou November 2, 2017
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