3 definitions by y2603

1- It's used when a guy is sexually attracted to a girl, and the girl knows it.
2- It means nice dick.
Example 1:
Girl1: Uh Oh... He's looking at me in a weird way.
Girl 2: I think he is a nice car!

Example 2:
Girl3: Nice car, boy!
Guy1: My car can be really productive...
by y2603 February 2, 2018
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It is "get the hell out of my ass".

We say it when we're angry, and we need the shit of people to get the hell out of here.
You are annoying me now, gthooma!
by y2603 April 30, 2017
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What I'd Like To Hear

It is used when a song you like passes on the radio, and also it can be used as a name for your music playlist.
"- Bro, that song is lit!

- I know, it's definitely wilth."
by y2603 February 28, 2019
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