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Nhuy is the name of someone who is mean and nice mixed into one. The name Nhuy is rather uncommon, but if you know someone named Nhuy then you're in luck. A Nhuy is incredibly artistic and a neat-freak, and likes things to be organized. Sometimes they are so caught up in helping clean everyone else's things that they forget to do their own. She is a Savage little beast, and is a great friend. If you are ever friends with one, you need to cherish that friendship.
Alice: "Hey, did you hear about Nhuy?"
John: "Yeah, she helped organize the whole school!"
by πŸ–€false-loveπŸ–€ February 18, 2019
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Nhuy means a sexy alien what has a big but and will be a slut dont get on her bad side
Nhuy has a dirty mind she wants a dildo and she will get one
by Mellisa karen smith April 06, 2017
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