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Is a small town located in Sussex County, NJ. Its hard to pin point exactly whats going on here. To a casual observe it looks to be a small rural town. On the main street that runs though the "downtown" area is fileld with crack heads, retards, freaks, disfigured perverts, whores, swamp people, saggy titted sluts, and child molesting perverts then any town in the state. The town is going through a perpetual state of closing stores and reopening them as even business. Recently the Newton Theater has re-opened and hailed as the coming of "culture". Little did the locals realize the theater would have washed up losers and no name locals playing on a weekly basis. The areas is void of all culture, good food, and interesting bars/cafes. If for some reason you end up in Newton, NJ your best bet is to be "cool" and go hang out at the local Applebee's where you an witness the lowest form of human scum packing sodium pumped 1/2 price grease specials into their faces. These people all keep the local cardiology and liver specialist busy-- making them filthy rich, so they can live else where (See: Sparta, NJ). Another interesting aspect to the beautiful town is the local Walmart which apparently is doubling as year around three ring circus. Take the whole family to this perpetual freak show and enjoy the notorious 700lb woman with front upper pussy that will blow your mind (See: FUPA).

Newton: the destination for your next family vacation!
Sparta, NJ, Sussex County, Newton, NJ
by Newton4Life October 13, 2011
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A place the defies the usual stereotypes of NJ. In Sussex County, a great place to do a little shopping.
"Newton, NJ , what a fucking happening place. The real party is at the hospital."
by yessier March 16, 2009
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