A high school in Newton, Massachusetts mainly comprised of a student body that comes from an uneducated Italian-American heritage. These student usually complain about not having as much money as kids that go to Newton South. This is usually followed by someone from South reminding them that they are getting a new high school that costs $200 million
Kid 1: Hey where do you go to school?
Kid 2: Newton North
Kid 1: hahahaha, you silly mush
by R1DE TO THAT June 12, 2010
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the whitest school known to Mass

70% white 40% Jewish
20% Asian 40% Christian
3% Hispanic 20% Other
7% Black
by VICKS January 22, 2005
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Founded long long ago and stolen by the white man. Only the chosen few live in the legandary town where most girls look like mystical creatures and only some are doable.

I.E. To have a massivle large penis
Man i wish i had a Newton North Carolina.
by jimmyv86 February 23, 2011
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