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A New Theist is a religious believer, usually Christian and evangelical, that is aggressive to the point of anger about forcing their theistic beliefs on others, particularly non-believers. They verbally bully, threaten or attack the non-believer using denigration, condescension and even insults. Sometimes to go as far as wishing eternal damnation on them for simply having a different point of view.

Their fear and insecurity of their own faith is twisted into a harassing attitude about their point of view and they often refuse to give up to the point of stalking others trying to wear them down.

The New Theist is not a respecter of persons, personal idea, differences in opinions or differences in beliefs. They are intolerant of others and find various ways to criticize them both personally and professionally. They act bitter, hateful and angry!
Gees, did you hear that guy screaming at me about his religion, he must be one of those New Theists!
by MzBeHavin March 01, 2015
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