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A person who claims to be "agnostic" but does not know what the word "agnostic" means, what "gnostic" means, and best of all, likely doesn't know what "theism" or "atheism" mean to make the complete package. For bonus points, they also like to infer that the word addresses specifically a single subset of religions that they grew up around.

If identify as an "agnostic" to others. you are probably ughnostic. The reason is that "agnostic" is a fairly useless term. It would not likely be used by a person who understands what it means because it addresses "knowledge," which everybody seems to have a different standard for. (If any.)
Ughnostic: I'm agnostic! That means I'm not a theist or an atheist.

Person 2: The word "atheist" literally means "not a theist." A theist is a person who believes in a deity or deities. You can't be both not a person who believes in deities and not not a person who believes in deities. I need new friends.
by ChozoBoy August 12, 2012
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