The deepest one you’ve ever written?
Hym “Hey, your new book... Did I write any of it?”
by Hym Iam October 23, 2022
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That certain smell you sense from purchasing a new book. New book smells usually come from the woodsy pulp of the paper.

I would describe it to smell like a bitter fireplace. The smell is usually very satisfying to avid book readers (especially me)
Person 1: Hey I just bought this new book from Amazon dude!!

Person 2: Wow bro, does it have that new book smell?

Person 1: Yeah dude, wanna smell?

Person 2: Hell Yeah!
by ihatecrockpotmeals November 10, 2020
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The act of browsing local and global news web sites with the sole intention of finding something shocking, absurd, or intriguing to post to your social networking page.
Dang, dude, you posted some pretty sick stuff up on your page, I better lock down and do some intense News Booking tonight so i don't fall short on my Social Site Page Status.
by bxmith June 6, 2010
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