Much like the Cleveland Steamer, except that while you are steamrolling the fecal matter onto your partners chest you yell "I'm working here!! I'm working here!!" in a New Yorker accent.
I upped the usual ante last night by giving her a New York Steamer instead of a regular Cleveland Steamer.
by JoeOh January 13, 2010
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A New York Steamer is a sexual act, in which the male, after having anal, retracts his shit covered dick and awaits the chick to lick her own shit off his cock.
"Heyyyy man, I screwed this hot chick last night."
"Cool, what ya do?"
"New York Steamer"
by Beaver in Bahrain June 24, 2009
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A sloppy sandwich with a sexual reference. Usually eaten by Pueblo fold from El Paso.
Damn bro don’t be a kitty kat, put that New York Steamer in your mouth.
by Qbert 1978! October 23, 2019
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