Reference given to a new male in a single mothers life . As he is unsuspecting to his new role as new dad to her children this phrase is only ever noticed by the single mother and may cause a response that is angry in nature due to her failed ability to mate with the right male and have a stable family environment for her children like they should be
Hey new dad , can we not go to uncle Fergos this weekend please new dad ... last time he put his finger in my bum and he made me bleed .

Yo did you see Sarah’s kids new dad he is such a babe and I wish I had a new dad for my kids too
by Newdad January 05, 2019
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A statistic coined by "Pat rick" on the MMA Discord server that follows new fathers wins and losses.
I knew he would win the fight, the new dad stat is never wrong.
by deepspace9mm September 04, 2021
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