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The most recent Boy to move to your school. The real name is learnt usually within a week.
Daniella: I saw this boy down the hall, he was hot, but I haven't seen him before.
Pippi: Oh yeah, the new boy?
by Hailey Hogsworth September 11, 2005
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1. 2019 buzzword to describe a new significant, dude, or bae other without revealing his name to the public, ie. out of fear that a groupie, or side chick, or mainstream media will pry into ones private life. 2. Term used at a family function or among associates to clearly state that one is taken, while maintaining privacy, to avoid cock-blocking or potential shade being thrown at the new relationship.
Question: So... please tell us, who are you dating?? Answer: "Don't be silly, I will never say his name, just call him "newboy" !
"I call him new boy because his name is none of your business! ?
by Lady Tecniq August 31, 2018
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A term used to describe first year students at military academys. more of a status than a rank. all cadets within their first year remain in new boy status regardless of rank. Also used as a put down to older more experenced cadets.
You shine your shoes like a new boy
by NSH1212 March 07, 2008
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If soulja boy ad Chris brown had twins, that's what would happen
Man, those new boys. It's like their just making sounds. It's awful.
by YourHotButFat December 29, 2010
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