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A woman who fights against the discrimination women face in the workplace and other facets of society. This woman is educated, confident, and wants to help other women break free from the meek, polite, and apologetic tendencies they have been taught by society.

Unlike the old notion of feminism, the new age feminist does not demand to be treated the same way as a man. She demands that the differences between men and women are recognized, understood, and accommodated for.

This woman is not completely career-minded. She may have children or someday want children. A new age feminist knows there is great joy in both a career and a family. And she is entitled to both.

Special treatment is NOT what the new age feminist is looking for. She is looking for respect in the work place when she deserves it.

This woman is a HUGE advocate for the proper and respectable treatment of women who become pregnant, take maternity leave, and wish to continue nursing when returning to work. She believes we need to fight for the women who have their promotions and job security threatened by employers because a woman may become pregnant.

She also believes in marriage. BUT, a husband should not be depended on. A woman needs to be confident, independent and educated, regardless of whether she plans to launch into a career or stay home to raise her children. A woman should not just marry someone and expect to be "Taken care of".
New age feminist vs. the old Feminist:Oprah vs. Martha Stewart
-While both are powerful, accomplished women, one is known to be more of a jerk than the other. Oprah lives an example that a woman can make it to the top, be confident and respected, but still be kind to others and maintain her womanhood while she is doing it. Martha Stewart has many not so nice things said about her. Both got to the top. Both did it differently.

If men were the ones having babies from the beginning of time, there would be comfortable maternity leave accommodations and benefits. But since women are the ones "newer" to the work force the last hundred years, accommodations have not been made across the nation.

Laws that encourage mothers to continue nursing through the first year are glorious victories in the work place. More state labor departments need to work to get these accommodations. Setting aside a private room for pumping during the day encourages nursing. Science proves that babies who are breast-fed tend to become sick less often. This is a BENEFIT to employers who are supplying insurance benefits to the family. Healthier babies= less insurance used and less sick days taken by employees.

Women give birth. There is no way around it. Without it, society stops. Women should not be punished for being women.

Women should not worry if they will lose their job or forfeit a promotion if they take a maternity leave.
by Working moma May 14, 2011
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