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Nevett is a strong independent girl who's heart is filled with love. When you become her friend she's Ride or Die. She treats her close friends like they are family, and never gives up on them. She's an amazingly sweet, caring, smart, funny girl and anybody who has met her knows how wonderful she is. She NEVER gives up on people, the only way you can loose her friendship is if you give up on her. She's pretty rational but she can be a bit immature at times. She's not the type of person to look for a relationship, nor is she the type to jump into one with someone she doesn't know. She has to connect with someone and be close to them. She doesn't really have a type, shes more of a 'Personality' kind of person. Because if you're a complete jerk then she wont give you the time of day. She's also not the type of person to let a relationship get in between her and her friends. If a guy is the type of person to want to get in between her and her friends then she will choose her friends evey time. She always looks on the bright side of things and she's always filled with positive energy. Everyone loves being around her, because she's good at making everyone happy. She easily can make friends. Nevett overall is a amazing loving friend, who never gives up and always looks for the good in things.
Nevett is a smart girl and has a bright future ahead of her.
by Peaches definitions January 18, 2018
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