A nevermet is a person in an online relationship who have never met each other. These digital couples are called Nevermets. They may have met online, in a game or through a dating app and are in a long-distance relationship. Sometimes across countries, other times, across the world.
Luna is a nevermet. She met Tacco in-game and they fell in love. They live across the world from each other but they really want to be together. Their love is #goals. They're the cutest Nevermets, ever.
by Juuceboxx December 12, 2019
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A fanfiction term used when shipping two characters who have had no contact or any romantic hints in the anime/game/mange/universe that they're from.
I know CynthiaxRiley is a nevermet but they're SOOO cute together!!!
by Waterpawn March 23, 2011
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