A phrase one uses to describe someone as sexy.
Dang, look at Mina, she never left!
by Myu March 31, 2009
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Very astute point Candice! What do you think? Do you think it just shifted up one level of abstraction? Is that what happened? No? Cus that would be my thing. That would be the thing I said and have been saying for years.
Hym "RIGHT AGAIN SHIT-BRAINZ! God, my brainz are just so fucking powerful! How do I do it!? How is it possible for a man t- Oh right I'm a genius... Sorry. I forget sometimes! I genuinely forget that I'm that wildy-intelligent. Slavery never left. And what's worse is that it exists at MULTIPLE levels of abstraction. Your minds have ALSO been inslaved. How, you ask? The existence of the memetic sub-network and our awareness of it creates the impetus for the CURATION OF SAID SUBNETWORK! And WHO is the CURATOR!? Oh... I don't know... Probably some ABSTRACT AUTHORITY! But who? What do we call it?
by Hym Iam September 29, 2023
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