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1) The inability to change the order of your Netflix queue once you've selected a movie/movies.
2) The watching of a movie from said queue for the sole purpose of crossing it off your list and getting to the next movie, and not because you actually wanted to watch it.

See also Netflixation, Netflixobia.
Reginald: "Yes, Nigel, I would adore the opportunity to watch 'Office Space' with you this week, but 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace' and 'Eagle Eye' are at the top of my queue and I simply MUST watch those first."

Nigel: "My word! You need to get over your atrocious NetflixOCD."

Ilsa: "Ach lieben! I am quite NOT in the mood to watch 'Deliverance' after work today, but I'm watching it so I can send it back, dammit. I'm watching it RIGHT NOW.

Svetlana: "Well, I'll be down the street at the Krispy Kreme then, Cuz. You let me know how that NetflixOCD shit works out for ya. Holler."
by President Warren G. Harding March 19, 2009
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