Netflix's irritating business practice where they release TV Anime series they Acquired/Co-Produced Internationally, months after its original run on Japanese TV and Netflix Japan instead of Simulcasting weekly.

Episodes of these shows are released on Netflix outside of Japan, either as a full season after its original run or in parts that are released over the following months.

While this release style is acceptable for Netflix's ONA (Original Net Anime) series, this release style causes fans to pirate these anime series on Illegal anime streaming sites during the show's original run on Japanese TV and Netflix Japan.

Notable Examples of TV Anime that were stuck in Netflix Jail: Carole and Tuesday, Beastars and Little Witch Academia.
Person 1: Hey Man, I can't wait for Great Pretender to come out on Netflix!!!
Person 2: Sorry man, but the show is in Netflix Jail. That means that you're gonna have to wait for the show to end in Japan to come out on Netflix.
Person 1: Dammit Netflix!!!!
by DuwangKing June 2, 2020
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Neflix Jail is the definition given to the common act Netflix does with foreign shows: They air episodes when they come out on the country of production's Netflix service, but users of Netflix versions outside of that region have to wait for at least 12 episodes to come out and then Netflix releases them all at once, essentially keeping the show in jail for foreign viewers until enough episodes are released.
"Wow I heard that Beastars is airing on Netflix, but I can't find it?"
"That's because there are only 4 episodes now. You've got to either use a VPN to access Japanese Netflix or wait at least 8 weeks for enough episodes to be released."
"Wow this Netflix Jail sure does suck"
by Waxymix November 3, 2019
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