Nere is the meaning of a amazing person , she will make you laugh and smile . Nere is a person who will be there for you even though you did her wrong . She is a very honest and trustworthy person . Also she loves to eat and she plays sports , but most important of all she’s someone who you can count on. When she is in love , she really is , and she won’t let you down . She will love her significant other and show them how much she cares for them , but sometimes she can be a really jealous person , and when you get her mad she will go off on you . So look yourself a “nere
Woah your with a “Nere” ?

“Nere” is great in bed .
by Xitlali March 18, 2018
Strong-willed, independent, handles business well, strives to do no one wrong, your word is your bond
I wish I was Neree when it came to putting my foot down.
by SnackPac December 21, 2016
the next level of nerd, (also this is an excuse for anyone who mistypes nerd)
by 0000000000000000000000000000f February 1, 2021