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Very similar to nerdjacking, but when a person digresses into extreme detail about any and every uninteresting topic. While a nerdjacker tends to "go into extreme and/or unnecessary detail about one’s passion," the nerdjerker will go on about any given subject and usually has very little or absolutely no expertise on the topic (although they speak with such detail that the naive could be fooled into thinking the nerdjerker actually knows what he/she is talking about). Nerdjerking is not aimed at only one passion, as the typical nerdjerker is passionate about any random, irrelevant, topic.

It's easy to fall victim of a nerdjerker's tangent. Regardless of your obvious lack of interest in the topic; nerdjerkers will continue talking until you run away. No matter what, do not respond or input your opinion. This will only cause the person to believe that you actually care about what he/she is talking about and will continue on with an increased passion.
Jane: I accidentally mentioned the economy to Alice and she went off for an hour about how the cost of pens are the cause for poverty. I had no clue what she was even talking about.

Jamie: Yea, you've got to be careful. Alice loves nerdjerking and there is no stopping her once she starts talking. Never mention and of her exes or she will nerdjerk for hours.
by sillywillybilly September 19, 2011
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