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In most cases, a person that was unjustly promoted to be your supervisor at work. Most of their actions prove that they are a nerd, dork or geek, "per se." Can be indentified by wearing bow ties and sweater vests, wearing special “presentation day” outfits, having neck hair or excessive hair gel, having zero personality and by their abundant use of PowerPoint presentations. They also try to impress co-workers by using large words that no one else knows, but end up looking like bigger Nerdagers. Can often be found during slow times at work looking up book reviews online or hanging out w/the Nerd Herd (a group of mid-level Nerdagers).
Ted: Do you like your new boss?

Bob: No way! He’s a total Nerdager. I saw him reading a book by himself at lunch. And he stayed until 10:00 last night even though there was no work to do!
by GIMB May 19, 2009
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