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Neoneelart is art of the "Techno-Raccoon", a colorblind comic artist from Poland living in Russia/Ukraine (real name Neoneel/Neonil Kavar); Procyon Lotor superior (latin: the supreme raccoon).

Just as many self taught artists' creations, his art looks always unfinished lacking skill in realism. That is when the word "style" comes in. According to his own words, since he is a trendsetter, he doesn't need to practise in realism since there are "so many artists drawing realistic stuff yet they are not even famous".

1. Neoneel is a recognisable troll in Deviantart community - he got banned after creating series of offencive threads about flaws and imperfections of other site members which also showed how vain he is.

2. Neoneel's "bad-guy" behavior matches his appereance of a fantasy antagonist dark handsome individual- being tall, having angled dark eyebrows giving him an evil look, high defined cheeckbones and long rich brown wavy hair . Yet that doesn't give him any right to offend anyone.

3. This fella has hiw own army of ass-kissing fanbrats yet he also asskisses constantly, commenting on art of popular artists and photographers when it benefits him most.

4. He gives all raccoons a bad name -.-
Someone: hi, would you edit my photos for me, please?
Neoneel: uh, sorry, were you adressing me? If yes, please walk past and come back when you get rid of those hanging cheecks so I quickly put a large Neoneelart watermark right over your face and don't have to spend my time retouching them
by XLulzwarriorX May 05, 2010
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