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Somewhere in between emo and goth. Often found outside or around Hot Topic.

There are two types of Neo-Goths. There's the more emo-oriented Neo-Goths, typically My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco fans. They usually wear skinny jeans, pale face makeup, way too much black eye/lip makeup, and emo/pop-punk band shirts.

Then there's the other type, also known as mallgoths. They wear baggy black pants with way too many chains, baggy black band shirts, leather bracelets/chokers with spikes on them, and often have trashy looking dyed dreadlocks or a trashy looking dyed Mohawk. They typically listen to shitty nu-metal bands such as Slipknot and Korn, as well as Marilyn Manson and ICP.

Both types usually have shitty attitudes despite having nothing to be shitty about, they usually fake mental illnesses and alternate sexualities.

Very few Neo-Goths are actually cool, but if you find one, they can be entertaining to watch.

Both also like to use ridiculous sayings and catchphrases like "rawr xD" and "OMG so random lulzz"
Neo-Goth Girl 1: OMG RAWR XD I'm so lesbian omg, but I'd never kiss a girl, that's gross DX


Neo-Goth Guy: rawrrrr xD
by Mister Inconspicuous June 26, 2016
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A kid usually from the ages of 14-18 who tries to act goth, although they listen to shitty "emo hip-hop" like Lil Peep or XXXTENTACION. They try to act goth or depressed. They are typically found smoking weed for their "mental illnesses". In short, they're a bunch of gay stoners who want attention
"ugh those stupid neo-goths aren't goths at all!"
"Yeah they just listen to hip hop and call themselves depressed"
by im_branflakes June 02, 2018
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1.An angsty outcast, between the ages 12 & 18, that attempts to be "goth" by dressing up in the latest hot topic clothes in order to try to look like their favorite anime characters.

2.A pathetic americanized attempt at a visual kei style or dress.

3.Sometimes an alternative term for mall goth.

4. A teenager that commonly fits the following decriptions
- bisexual
- random(i.e:WAFFLES!^^)
- obsessed with japan & anime but doesn't know anything past
what they watch on adult swim
- wears bondage pants/naruto head bands/cat ears/neko caps
- listens to crappy J-Rock(Gackt/Dir en grey)
- listens to crappy american faggotry (HIM/Marilyn
- found glomping others
- pronounces kawaii incorrectly
Is there a Neogoth near here? I swear I just heard someone talking about Invader Zim and Full Metal Alchemist.
by Sir Aaron May 28, 2007
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Dresses in only the worst hot-topic fashions pulled straight from shitty animes. A Neo-goths tell tale sign is the possession of bondage pants, I.E. those fucking hot topic pants with all the chains on them, you know the ones. Constantly quotes anime and acts likes a generally hyper little tard, probably fat, ugly or both.
Look at those fucking Neo-goths, I bet they all just got done watching naruto.
by Grass valley kid July 05, 2008
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