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A person who acts like a Boomer but he's in his 30's or 20's
Sam is so bad with technology. He's such a neo-boomer
by Yom tov June 08, 2018
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A person from a younger generation who is a boomer at heart.
They share the same political views and impact font memes as your average conservative baby boomer.
Typically they're fucking annoying and would blow cock for a MAGA hat.
You will find them lurking on nearly every popular twitter thread typing some dumb shit about white oppression, sjws, & blowing cock.
If they're under the age of 40 & have an American flag in their username, chances are they're a Neo Boomer.
Charlie Kirk & Ben Shapiro are filthy fucking Neo Boomers.
by damnbrodie June 12, 2018
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