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Semi-popular pairing belonging to the Naruto fandom involving the Characters Hyuuga Neji and Tenten.

Gently but consistently hinted at throughout the series, the pairing has been backed up by hints such as the following few:
The two of them usually shown training and hanging around together; Tenten's admiration and worry for Neji; That Neji, usually quite chauvanistic, respects her; Neji saving Tenten from drowning/holding her up.

Although the pairing seems to be chastised by fans of other pairings involving either Neji or Tenten (eg - TenLee, NejiSaku, NejiHina) it is one watched closely as one of the top 5 non-yaoi Naruto pairings.
Fangirl #1: NejiTen is cool!
Fangirl #2: WTFNOYOUDIDNT! NejiHina!
Fangirl #1: Aaaaahdonttouchme! -Runs away-
by Jeronimoe November 28, 2005
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A short-hand way to write "Neji x Tenten," referring to an unofficial pairing from the popular anime/manga "Naruto". It consists of Neji Hyuga (also spelled Neji Hyuuga or written Hyuuga Neji) and Tenten, members of Team Guy (also spelled "Gai"). Though this pairing is not canon, fans of this pairing will argue their point by using subtle hints found in the manga or anime. For example, in the anime (and possibly the manga-it's been a while since I read that part) while Neji fights Naruto in the final rounds of the Chunin Exams, Tenten has a narration in her head (for exposition's sake) about Neji's abilities, revealing that she has a large knowledge of his abilites and is very confident in him. She has probably been admiring him for a time by this point, though it is not surprising she knows so much about his abilities, given that they are teamates. Another prime example is in the Rescue Gaara arc in Shippuden, when Neji rescues Tenten from drowning in a water sphere, and then supports her when she nearly falls. However, this is probably not a good example for fans of the pairing, as Neji also recues himself and Lee, and is only shown supporting Tenten in the anime. Tenten is also shown to be caring towards Neji and like him perhaps more than the other members of her team, Guy-Sensei and Rock Lee, who seem to annoy her.

In my own personal opinion, despite its popularity, I think this pairing is utter crap. I find Tenten's narrative and obvious (and unrequited (sp?)) interest in Neji annoying, and her presence in the series at all to be surpurfulous (sp?). Though Tenten is a strong female character whos dream is to be like her hero, Lady Tsunade, and prove female ninjas can be as awesome as males, and creator Misashi Kishimoto himself has stated that her character design is his favorite of the kunoichis (sp?) and he plans to use her more, she has perhaps the least amount of screentime of any of the reoccurring supporting characters. Neji, on the other hand, is one of the more important supporting characters. Again, despite how popular the pairing is, I also think that given Neji and Tenten's personalities, any attempt at a relationship between the two of them would end terribly. However, we can only await Misashi's ultimate decision on this pairing.
1. NejiTen is a fairly popular Naruto pairing.

2. In my own opinion, Neji could do better than Tenten, and LeeTen is a much better pairing.
by Xrieka September 20, 2009
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