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(noun) Any action that is stereotypical black/African American in nature. Usually, negative.
The fact that some black women use there hair as an excuse not to work out is, so negroidian.
by Snake Bite 715 February 15, 2011
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How woke ass individuals say "nigga", "negro", "nig nig", "n-word", "niggaboo", "nigger" "niggah", and/or derivatives thereof.
Niggas who say "nigga" - 1+2 = gucci gang
Guys whom utter "negro" - The Bizon is the best gun in GS:GO
Dudes whomst vocalize "negroid" - *Watches Rick and Morty regularly"
Personages whomst'd've enunciate "negroidian" - *Knows the moon landings where faked on the moon, and makes it to day 32 of Dick Destroy December*
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by BlenderThatBlendsThings November 17, 2018
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