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A Neese is the most incredibly beautiful, charming, talented and wonderful woman in the entire universe. No other woman compares to a Neese. Often when a Neese is standing near another woman she makes them look like a swine or other pig-like animal by comparison. She has a perfect body, shiny brown hair and endlessly beautiful brown eyes which sparkle like diamonds. To be with her is like floating on a fluffy white cloud of absolute bliss. Her voice is like sweet music. Her smile is the single greatest gift you could ever be given.
Neese makes every day better than the last.
by Smiten October 20, 2011
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place of hicks, rednecks, and crackheads. one stoplight. anyone worth anything lives OUTSIDE the town limits!
That's a Neeses pieces hoochie right there!
by Candy Hunter June 23, 2008
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