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The most sexy smart amazing girl ever they r complicated and have lots of issues but knowing them will be the best thing to ever happen to u . They are complete aliens and are awkward in social situations but that just makes them more weird crazy and loveable
Friend one: Who is that girl eating pizza with chopsticks and looking out into space
Friend 2 : ohhhh that's just neesa
by Weirdomeg123 February 04, 2017
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To be completed awesome and badass that everyone wishes they were as cool as you.
Man, I'm so freaking Neesa, it's crazy.
by ArtsnCrafts January 27, 2008
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a girl that try to hard to fit in they mainly snitch to get credit, to help them self feel better
neesa just fucked with another random guy and got an STD
by jon345 January 04, 2009
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