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Not exclusive to, but, a high concentration of species of white female. These creatures that have become more and more prevalent, visible and somehow absurdly validated to some extent, with the advent of social media. This species is all over social media constantly putting up selfies. These selfies which all basically look the same. Furthermore, this female will go to any and all desperate extremes on social media through posts to get that all too precious attention that they need to make it through the day. These females think they are being coy about it. However, a deaf, blind, braindead person could see how blatant they are about it. This type of female has an outrageous sense of being unique, attractive and entitled. their entire existence revolves around them trying absurdly too hard at projecting those characteristics. However, in reality, they are painfully, hilariously, predictable, unoriginal and a living, walking stereotype. They also tend to exhibit high concentrations of self absorption. Which, ultimately, kills what ever attractiveness they may or may have not had to begin with. Face it, we all know one or more of them.....God help whomever is insane enough to take them seriously.
Person 1: "sweet Jesus, this needy basic white bitch is all up on Facebook with a selfie every damn day. She looks the same in every picture!"

Person 2: "It's either that or she's bitching about how many "creepy" guys are staring at her. But, we all know she goes out all hoed the hell up all the time."

needy, selfie, white girl, Facebook, Instagram, desperate, attention, starved, dumb, self-absorbed
by Furiosa the Accursed June 03, 2016
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