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1)A typical insult used to infuriate and confuse the person you are roasting
2)Another way to call someone dumb. Though Headass and Neckass have the same meaning there are some differences.
1)"Yo bruh you got a 2+2 hairline like what is that?!"
2)Nigga if you don't shut your ugly ass fuckboy Jason Derulo diabetes neckass the fuck up. Dumb anaranjado headass bitch. Nigga look like a lightskin Lightskin Kevin Hart with that long ass snap into a slim jim neckass gringo.
by JackTheJobber March 23, 2017
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used when someone needs to be treated, possibly for doing or saying something dumb i.e.:

"get yo neck azz outta here"
"get yo neck ass outta here ho"
by skummyking May 25, 2009
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An insault you say to a person that has fat rolls on there neck that makes it look like an ass crack
by Carl blackstelle February 11, 2018
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