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Also called "Neecal" Any species of Giant Panda that eats purple bamboo. The bamboo they have been known to eat causes a psychadelic euphoria to overcome the panda, making them to appear very lachsadaisical and unresponsive. This is where the idea of the Pokemon "Snorlax" came from. Nechaels have also been known to chase pigeons native to Heidelberg, Germany.
I was walking down the street when a Nechael walked over and tried to steal my money.

Whoa! Look at that Neecal! It's tripping balls!
by jerry_curl July 28, 2011
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Nechael is a person who is super weird but amazingly funny and friendly. A Nechael is crazy but because of that they're very outgoing and will meet a lot of people. A Nechael always knows how to keep a smile on a persons face and can always have a fun time no matter where they go. A Nechael is easily the nicest person one could ever meet in their life. A Nechael is always going to be an amazing person, and a Nechael is presumably good looking too.
I was having a terrible day til that Nechael came along.
by samoht_74 August 04, 2011
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