Not liking something but understanding that it has to be accepted (sometimes) or it has to exist.
Nimueh says that money creates many problems but he cannot imagine ehat the world would be like without it. This is a necessary evil.
by xsweet_vengeancex October 20, 2011
1) A myth that the republicans keep pushing on people so they can go to war with everyone. People like Gandhi have already proven this to be a myth
1) If we don't go and kill all of the people in oil rich countries then they will annihilate us. How barbaric and we claim to be civilized?
by mike September 7, 2003
“Necessary -evil" Technology Codependency is a controversial concept for an dysfunctional overreaching societal "relationship" where one person / group supports or enables another group /person's invasive poor mental health addiction with Eavesdropping .
Justin Trudeau's Deliverology Orwellian logic is a Necessary-evil , that promises accountability and delivers — well, nothing.
by freethinking and openminded February 4, 2019