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The word used to describe a person who is geeky, dorky or just plain awkward. However, the word should only be used when:

1. feeling sorry for the person;
2. if the person is cute, but in a dorky sort of way;
3. if something awkward happens to a person (dorky or not)that person and the whole situation will be nebish for the time being.

Nebish may also be used in some instances to replace the word shame, like: oh shame, that guy has his pants on backwards and everyone's laughing.

1. awwww nebish, that little kid just spilt his coke all down his top.

2. its so nebish (sad), every lunch time she sits and reads by herself.

3. haha did you see Matty trip when he got up on stage? nebish!
by MarnieMackattack February 25, 2009
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same as neb
cute but geeky
can also be used for something thats 'shame'
omg how nebish is that guy that just tripped.

you have no friends(joke), nebish!!
by July 26, 2006
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