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1. A passive-aggressive way of calling some a neat freak

2. To bother someone excessively
A: I absolutely can't stand for a single item to be out of place in my house
B: *off to the side* Gosh, they're such a neak

A: I wish my mom would stop neaking me! It's not a phase, mom!
by magicmadx October 02, 2018
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Los Angeles based Egyptian/German Recording-artist, Neaks is a musician and artist ahead of his time.
Watching Neaks' mysterious short lifestyle videos and deciphering his deep lyrics shed light on his powerful viewpoints on life, music, spirit and culture.
by MindTricks November 19, 2014
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A neak is someone who leaves high school with no plans to get an apprenticeship or go to uni. These are usually fat ,lazy and will stay with their parents till the age of 40.
Oh yeah he will just turn into a neak.
by Phill mcraken October 27, 2018
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