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The apple of the eye; a really hot, intelligent girl with eyes like stars; a girl who is a star in every sense of the word. A Nayantara is sensitive, caring, sexy, fiery and upright, and has a way with words. She is a great friend and will always have your back. A Nayantara is almost always an animal lover. Men lust after her and then inevitably fall in love with her.
You're destined for great things. You're a real Nayantara.

How on earth could you break up with Jessica? You had a real Nayantara there, and you let her go. You're an idiot.
by Manxcat November 27, 2012
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A beautiful girl who has been spreading smiles since 1993. Some say she isn't from this planet. Others believe that she comes from an alternate dimension. However scientists believe that she belongs to a different race, that of the Star People.
Nayantara is the greatest girl who ever took a breath of life
by Squid1993 October 20, 2013
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a beautiful girl, usually from Indian descent, everyone loves her and idolises her, she's cool and awesome, and almost every boy wants her
person 1: "hey look at nayantara, shes so popular"
person 2: "I know right shes so hot too!"
by harrypotterfan321 May 08, 2012
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