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The hood side of Dallas,Texas itโ€™s the nawf side itโ€™s found by Webb chapel road and there are a lot of beaners there mostly all bloodz.The nawf side it also very loud and there are many people smoking weed.
Yuhh bro Iโ€™m from the nawf side
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North Side hood of Dallas, TX kno wut im talkin bout. but people round hea prounce it as da Nawf. Mostly deep at Lakehighlands & Berkner Area. Nawf Dallas streets are mainly Skillman, Forest, Audelia, Kingsley, etc...We got ppl from dat HP (Hamilton Park) Nawf Gate Da Tat
Also includes the northwest areas of Dallas....Richarson, Garland,and Mesquite....

Home of NSG (Nawfside Goons) & most from the nawf rep it as NDT (Nawf Dallas TX). Like Oakcliff got Rudy's we got Big Momma's. Mostly Bloodz...ALREADY BRO!! We 2 Deep round hea.
WHole northwest side of dallas Nawf Side
by MakeNoise101 February 23, 2010
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A neighborhood filled with filthy beaners & hoodrats who have no life & one of the very poorest places in Houston,seriously,bitches from there obviously want attention from little boys with small dicks nawfside aint nothing but a average stupid neighborhood just like the rest of the damn world yall aint the shit but got ugly so called women & lowlife losers trying to make a living smoking marijuana.I seriously feel bad for who is moving into such a garbage.
Person:Nawfside girls do it better
Person 2:No your just a dumb hoe who wasn't raised well
by Oshin May 13, 2015
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