A girl that has hidden talents nice will stand of for you a girl that is nice pretty ,mostly ghetto and can be a little mean but she's a sweetheart on the inside once you get to know her she will be the bestest friend you could ever ask for the most beautiful smile ever and a bright imagination.
i have a bestie named navea
by Navea March 18, 2017
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A Navea is a girl who is absolutely perfect. she is pretty and kind. She is mean in a way, she might leave you out or walk away from you to talk to other friends. She always has to be right about stuff and if shes not she has an attitude. SHe might have parent problems and keeps secrets from them. She is always clinging on to one of her friends and is overdramatic. She can be really nice and kind but when you get to know her she isn't. She has a boyfriend who isn't the right person but she loves him anyway.
"What's Wrong with Navea? Is she mad at me?
by confusedsostopasking September 04, 2019
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