Your natural hair is when your hair is in the state that you were born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.

Natural hair texture with its natural color.
I'm not going to perm my hair anymore; I prefer to where it natural.

I love my natural hair, it's so curly and strong.
by JoSm January 17, 2010
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Natural hair is a term used for the hair that (typically) grows out Black peoples heads. It ranges from textures like kinks, coils, and looser curls that grow down instead of out. Natural hair means that it is in its natural state, with no perms, weaves, or wigs.
Angela "I'm loving my natural hair, I wish I never permed,"
LaTasha "I'm loving it too,"
by #FreeJT June 2, 2019
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Natural hair is hair growing out of your head, and not a foreign object like weave, extensions or a wig
i'm going to stop weaving my hair, i'll have my natural hair from now.
by j6unit October 7, 2012
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Natural hair color is what your hair color is right now. Doctors have proved that the hair color of most people could change when they grow up, usually during their adolecence period.
She was born with blonde hair, but when she became a teen, her natural hair color is now brown.
by paukadots November 8, 2015
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Someone who states they have natural curls and denies that they actually have a perm. (They have a perm)
No, it’s naturally curly hair. I don’t have a perm!
by Bbeleksvdnrke July 25, 2022
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