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n. In Baltimoron, this refers to the "official" beer of Baltimore, National Bohemian Beer. For a time, National's head Jerry Hoffberger also owned the Baltimore Orioles. Natty Boh was served at Memorial Stadium starting in the late 1960's. Alas, Natty Boh is no longer brewed in Baltimore. It is now brewed by the Miller Brewing Company in North Carolina.

The company's mascot, the one-eyed, handlebar-mustachioed Mr. Boh, has been a recognizable icon since the 1950s. Although the mascot itself was retired in the early 1960's, it is still a highly popular image, especially in Baltimore, where it is considered an unofficial city mascot. A Mr. Boh neon sign currently sits atop the former site of the National Brewery building in the Brewer's Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. The former brewery is now known as Natty Boh Towers and is rented out as apartments and offices. Mr. Boh still appears on all cans, bottles, and packaging.
Doen'cha knoe hon, steemed crabs enna Natty Boh's like bein in h'vin!
by Dan Weyandt September 03, 2008
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