I was gonna do National Texting Day, a day in history where people text each other. Oh wait. That already exists. Every single day.

Why don’t we do National YEET Day? Where we YEET other people phones into oblivion.
Guy 1: Ayo bruh, u know it’s national YEET day?

Guy 2: Nah bro, whas da about?

*phone gets yeeted*

Guy 2: Wtf bro?
by Nazi OwO April 30, 2020
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November 2nd is the day when you can yeet the hydro flasks
National yeet hydro flask day Yeet the hydroflasks
by No hydroflasks October 30, 2019
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On November 12 you can throw any person under 5,4 with no permission needed, Similar to that of national throw short people day and is just another excuse to abuse short people.
Ayyyyy John how’s it be”
“Not great every Mf be throwing me for sum reason”

“Well mf it National Yeet short people day shoulda drank milk as kid bitch”
by Baaabbby. November 12, 2021
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