It should be a thing. Not a day where you are allowed to rape innocent people, but a day where VICTIMS raise awareness about rape.

And if you think rape is fine, go die in fucking hell please. AND TEACH YOUR SONS THAT S/A IS NOT RIGHT..WHEN SOMEONE SAYS ''NO'' ITS NO.
Boy one: YAY ITS NATIONAL RAPE DAY! Lets go rape some innocent girls to traumatize them. *walks up to a girl trying to grab them*
Girl one:*sprays pepper spray in his eyes and cuts off his penis and balls and shoves them down his throat*
by I am anonymous bro January 14, 2022
A fake "holiday" promoted by incels who take out their frustrations stemming from being lonely virgins out on women, by justifying sexual assault.
Zack: Imma go out and rape Charlene today. After all it is national Rape day.

Charlene: Punches him in the face and breaks his nose*
by Mellon Collie May 25, 2022
A disgusting thing that doesn’t exist and a thing that a bunch of stupid little teenage boys who are just stupid. It doesn’t matter what gender you are! Rape has to stop! This is disgusting and terrible
“Omg national rape day is my favorite!”
Me: “go kill yourself disgusting person”
by AmaraLMAO April 24, 2022
This is a disgusting day where these vile beings have decided to go out and sexually assault people. Its supposed to be on April 24th, so be vigilant and stay safe!
Baby dick boy: "Haha have you heard its National Rape Day?"

Normal people: *grabs pillow and places it over nose and mouth of BDB* "shhhhh go to sleep."
by Try_me_Baby_D*ck_Boys April 16, 2021
Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Is wrong with you people get some help, it doesn't exist. How do you know this Piece of shit
Hey bro if you know what National Rape Day is you're Dumb

Oh Ye i should probably forget about it then :I
by DiamonaWolf October 18, 2021
On march 10 (69th day of the year) 69 year old men rape each other and nut in sewers and post it on pornhub.
Hey National Rape Day coming up, wanna rape people?
by Oddbenturband March 27, 2022