National Make out day falls on 16-17 of October so if you like it or not people are aloud to Make out with you
Person 1: did your seriously make out with her

Person 2: Yes it's National Make Out Day Init
Person 1: Sick dude I'm gonna ask her to make out with me
by Intersaver October 13, 2018
A day where everyone single or taken has to makeout with someone
Hey bob, let’s make out!

Ew no, I wouldn’t do that with you!
But it’s National Make Out Day.
Ugh, fine.
by crackbabyjohn September 12, 2019
National making out day is on April 14th. It is the day to make out with your significant other
Guy 1: Yo, you ready for April 14th?

Guy 2: Yeah man I can’t wait for national making out day
by Anal-fister April 12, 2018
this is a day where you can make out with anyone and not get called a whore or a slut or a fuck boy.
girl- “hey wanna make out?”
boy- “why”
girl- “because it’s national make out day”
by idklol66 April 13, 2018
It’s the day where you make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you guys haven’t kissed yet it’s gonna be special, but if you have then this day might not be for you:
Girl: “hey it’s national make out day
Boy: “oh that’s cool” *leaning in to kiss her*
Girl: *also leans in*
by Dadddddymariq June 9, 2018