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Natika is usually an unpredictable human being. She can pull some very ugly faces and doesn’t care what people think of her. She loves her self an awful lot which kind of makes her Natika! She has a very unique taste in music and can do makeup like a professional. She’s honest but respects your privacy and is very mature and serious (at times). Sometimes Natika tends to get a little aggressive and violent, but not so much to hurt you on purpose ( unless you ask for it ). She looks out for those who she loves and will do anything in her will to keep them safe. She has an amazing sense of humour and has HEAPS of confidence. Natika is mysterious and dreams of a very romantic love life.

Overall Natika is an amazing human being that will change you for the best.
“Oh look, Natika is doing her weird run again, let’s go join!”

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a type of wood used for making bowls, mostly for soup, in the same family as teakwood.;a female equivalent to Stuart from MAD TV; a frequent user of the wooomba.
i am going to eat some soup from my natika bowl.
by suet February 24, 2008
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