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Meaning ''The fear of coming into work''

-the word broken down is of Latin Scottish Gàidhlig origin,
''Na'tha'' stands for ''Much is or Need be for''and nskyv means ''free from confinement.

The ancient words put together more or less mean ''The need to be free from confinement''. This often refers to a phobia of work when the fore mentioned is performed within an office. This phobia is amplified when long hours apply and theres no windows.

The consumption of coffee also tends to amplify the phobia as it stimulates the nervous signals connected to the reasoning area of the brain, the left Webbius Nodes. Fatty foods should also be avoided as they contribute to high blood pressure and rise Stress levels.

Sometimes such individuals tend to experience a more stressful time trying to think of reasons for staying out of work than actually doing the work. So it keeps them in a state of stress and yearning for a carefree life without cares.
''Man nathaniel didnt come in again, we really should do something about his Nathanskyvphovia, I feel sorry for the dude''
by Damanisjon October 05, 2006
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