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The most beautiful girl with the best personality you'll ever meet. She's funny, caring, loving, and beautiful. She likes to do crazy things & likes to experiment & be adventurous. She's great in bed and will do anything to make you smile. She's the type of girl that you'd dream of. A Nathalee usually has long hair, a nice smile, a beautiful face, brown eyes, and medium height. If you ever meet a Nathalee and you guys end up dating, treat her right. She may be vulnerable around you, but if you do her wrong, there's no way in winning her heart back.
I love you Nathalee. So much.
by anonymously random July 20, 2011
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The most stupid white little whore who thinks she's the shit but she's not. Skanky little thot skinny freckle bitch
No ass, no tits skinny whore. One day she will get her ass beat and she will keep that mouth shut because all she does it talk and talk shit. She never stops and she Denys shit like it never happened pathetic hypocrite pussy that
by The.plug.mary June 23, 2017
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