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used a a noun 'Natedawg' describes an individual who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of THC. His tolerance is off the scale and he cannot be smoked under the table. However, when certain levels of intoxication are achieved, dancing has been known to occur. Use at your own risk.
The Natedawg was so fucked up he started grooving in the middle of the movie theater.
by Jesus the Urban Renewer January 17, 2004
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-Anyone who sets a standard for inebriation without sacrificing the ability to take care of one's responsibilities, to the extent that the responsibilities do not take away from said standard of inebriation.
-Someone that aspires to lay on a beach and smoke doobs for an occupation.
"Damn, if we were all as smashed as Nate Dawg last night, half of us wouldn't be alive."
by kinetek January 16, 2004
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